Guest blogger and backlinking expert with SEO skills. Here are some of the highlights of my portfolio.

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Lifehack Expert

As a Lifehack expert, I have been contributing to since 2015. Successes have included posts that have seen over 7,000 shares. Sample of one of my most popular posts

Listtribe Contributor, I was paid to write listicles, add photos and insert into WordPress.

As a Buzzfeed Contributor, I curate articles based on my clients needs and add a backlink to their site.

I recently began contributing to a fantastic site for the people called Start Up Mind Set that helps entrepeneurs find their success.

Other sites I am contributing to include;



Self Growth

Thought Catalog

Dame Magazine

If you’re interested in having a guest post created for any of the sites, please contact me and I’ll let you know the turn around time and costs.