Loraine Couturier

World traveler with no fixed address.


Whatsapp:+507 6666 1349

Skype ID:loraine.couturier

Loraine Couturier was the jill of all trades in the corporate business scene with long stints of travel time in exotic places. She finally broke through and became a professional content writer in 2012.

To fund the grand adventure that is her life, she writes. She edits too along with marketing strategies that coincide with writing. Due to her experience in administration as well as owning her own successful online business from 2007-2011, she does a lot more than just write. She keeps up to date with the latest ways to rank on search engines and has a knack for communicating with publishers and editors. This gives her a niche of added value.

First and foremost, writing is her passion and something she excelled in at a young age. As she has progressed in her online writing career, she has gained experience in:

  • Blogging
  • Adding backlinks for her clients on high authority blogs
  • Researching
  • Marketing (SEO)
  • Editorial Management