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Marketing and the Fidget Spinner

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Truth be told, I’ve been away from Canada for quite a few years. This summer, I decided to spend some time with my sister and her family. My niece and nephew are kids just about to hit the teen years. They have things like squishees and more importantly, they are trying to get their hands on fidget spinners. If you are the way I was a few months ago living in a cave somewhere in old school Europe, you may not know what these are.

If you google it, you will notice that they are advertising these things not just to kids but also to adults. I actually saw a hilarious Cartier fidget spinner skit on SNL over the weekend. There seems to be some truth to the joke. It is really hard to obtain a fidget spinner, a $20 item that I am sure I could buy in Bangkok for $1. Walmart sold out and are waiting for a shipment of 900 to get to the store this week. They are sold out everywhere and when I checked it out online, it seemed to be a two week waiting period before they would ship out.

So what’s the thing? You have to wonder how something so simple could be making people a lot of money right now if they managed to get in at the right time. How is it that some toys and ideas fail so badly while others thrive like this one? I have bought and sold trendy things before and sometimes, it seems to be the answer to the current question. Maybe these fidget spinners are supposed to be the answer to peoples stressful lives at the moment. Maybe yoga, meditation and awareness seemed a little too difficult for the mainstream people.

The fidget spinner is for people who can’t sit still. It’s the guy who plays with the pen in his hand at a meeting, it’s me doodling as I talk on the phone, it’s the woman on the bus who has anxiety. I don’t honestly know what to think about the fact that we need these kind of things to help us function properly. I do know that someone did an amazing job at marketing a product nobody needs by making it seem as though it would improve our lives.

Do you have ideas like this? Also…does anybody know where I can get some of these fidget spinners of my niece and nephew?

Valuable Lessons a Writer Can Teach You About Running an Online Business

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Business-minded people and writers are vastly different. People who like aspects of business usually enjoy number crunching and analyzing. Writers are 100% creativity (other than the daunting task of formatting their work). As a writer, I have learned a great deal from those who run businesses. After writing for entrepreneurial teams, I have learned how to motivate staff, how to find tools that help with productivity, and how to improve your bottom line with less staff.

When I write pieces that have a lot of creativity while combining helpful tips to improve business, people respond well to it. I think when you look at marketing, it’s pretty obvious that to be successful and noticed, you have to invoke people’s emotions. When you tap into the mind of people and associate yourself with them, you gain a lot of interest. When I wrote my article for startupmindset on how to Shut Out Your Inner Voice for Greater Productivity, it got a lot of tweets, likes and responses. I spun spirituality as a means of solving a problem everyone faces in a career they care about.

Another example of creativity within the business industry was an article I wrote based on how the poorest people can teach us a lot about business. While people may have already received these tips in the business world, when it’s presented in a different way, it gets more attention. I think we all feel emotional towards those who have very little so this article reached out to many. Also, if people can continue to survive even when they have no money, they are a source of inspiration for those striving to succeed.

I think writers have the ability to bring important aspects into business that those with analytical minds might have a hard time with. Those in business might not consider their clients to be people at all. When they speak about bottom lines and sales funnels, it’s more about the money than the people. This isn’t how you really feel about the people that are willing to buy your product but when you’re accounting for things, it’s just simpler. It’s important that your clients do feel like they’re a human being to you. Writers know this so when they do work for you, they ensure that they write to the humans in your target market. They let them know they’re cared about and that you’re there to help make their lives easy.

Any good business needs the yin and the yang to be fully successful. Creative and analytic teams can bring forth the full experience for customers. Do you have someone representing the creative part of your company?

Outsource Your Work to Freelancers and Make More Money

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You know how it is when you feel so overwhelmed by those parts of your business that you aren’t good at? Maybe it’s marketing or writing online. Perhaps it’s accounting where the money is going or dealing with customers. Whatever your Achilles tendon is in your business, the great news is that you can pretty much outsource any aspect of your business for a little bit of money.

The thing is, you have better things to do. You started your business because you knew how to make money due to a quality you have. When you divert your attention from your specialty, you may lose out on valuable opportunities that bring money to your company.

Hiring a team that is in-house can create a lot of complications you don’t need in your life. That’s another positive aspect of hiring someone online. See ya later red tape. Keep it simple by hiring on a freelance that specifically does the job you need to get done. Here are a few more things to consider when it comes to the positive benefits of outsourcing work.

Cut Down on Those Business Costs

You can dramatically save on the workforce budget by hiring a specialized freelancer when you need them. Instead of holding onto staff full time and having to offer benefits, why not hire per project? This will ensure no money is wasted. Usually, a freelancer doesn’t charge per hour but by pieces completed that are approved by you. An extra bonus is if you don’t like it, you can ask them to make changes which they often do at no charge.

Freelancers with Expert Knowledge

Another great reason to go freelancer is that they will be an expert in work you want done. Imagine having a full-time writer that had general knowledge versus a writer with a specialty in giraffes. If you needed an article written on tall animals from Africa, you’d obviously go for the niche writer.

If you happen to sell all sort of different things, the challenge of the content you need is even greater. If you had an in-house writer that had to research all the new topics you needed, it could cost a lot of time and of course money.

Instead, you could hire a team of freelancers with all different types of knowledge and experience. Every article would be expertly crafted by those in the niche.

Flexibility in Deadlines

A freelancer naturally has different business hours than just 9-5. They come from all different time zones and have the luxury of working when they please. This means your work can be completed while you’re sleeping. Not only can you choose a freelancer by his expertise but also by their turn around time.

This allows you to stay highly competitive and you get the work you need completed in your preferred time frame. Find your night owl or early riser to get the work done when it works for you.

It’s Easy to Start and End Contracts

Have you ever had a team of employees that you had to hire, manage, and fire? In the spirit of saving you time and allowing you to do what you’re best at, this is where you’ll really embrace the freelance revolution.

No more interview, dealing with employee dissatisfaction, money spent on trying to motivate your team or firing people.

If a freelancer isn’t meeting your needs, they simply don’t get paid on many of the platforms. If they don’t deliver quality work, you have the right to start a dispute. Until they make it right, you don’t pay.

It’s a lot easier to tell if someone has the experience and knowledge you’re looking for while you look online for a freelancer. There will be records, page links, and files that back up their claims. There will often be rating systems and testimonials as well. It’s a lot faster than calling a persons references which is really all the proof that exists the person has had a job before.

It really is the way of the future. You have access to a larger market of people that will fit your needs. I personally use or to connect with clients or outsource work myself. You may as well start soon because everyone is migrating towards online work.

If you work from home, tell me, what’s your favorite thing about it?

For me, it’s working in my pajamas and sleeping in.



7 Signs Your Website Should Invest in a SEO Campaign

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If your website is a source of income for you, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s optimized. It’s got to be easy for your clients to find you, contact you and purchase whatever you sell. SEO has a lot of different elements that can enhance your business. With over 100 billion searches going on a month, you want to make sure your site is getting maximum exposure. SEO is so effective that any given website can start ranking well and gaining traffic. Here are ten signs it’s time for you to invest in an SEO campaign.

1 You Have Broken Links

An SEO campaign will include looking through your site to optimize it and do a bit of quality assurance. One of the things that might be found are broken links. Broken links can be the cause of plummeting sales as people who may have purchased something leave the site in frustration. Most people that have been burned by a broken link will likely never return and your reputation begins to suffer. Other sites within your industry that focus on their links will easily surpass you, gaining the upper hand. SEO campaigns will fix broken links to ensure that your business thrives.

2 Content Nobody Wants to Read

If your content doesn’t offer value or evoke emotions in people, nobody is going to stay on your site for long. Google considers how long people stay on pages as part of their ranking process. The name of the game is to keep visitors on your page for as long as possible. Furthermore, you should be incorporating keywords that are relevant to your company’s business or service. Google notices it and ranks your site based on the keywords. When people type “wooden rocking horses” in the search bar and that’s what you sell, make sure the keyword is incorporated into your content.

3 Your Landing Page Isn’t Doing Its Job

A landing page has a certain purpose. It should allow Google to easily index you as well as attract visitors. You may be using too many plugins or add-ons which create a problem with Google. The search engine has a hard time indexing and measuring your company. A good SEO expert can create content that keeps visitors on your site and guide them to the next page while allowing Google to properly index you.

4 There’s No Clear Message to Your Target Audience

If you have merely written content that doesn’t really speak to your target audience, you may be losing out on business. When you can clearly define why your product or service is a benefit to their life, you have much more possibility of reaching them at an emotional level. An SEO campaign provides exposure to your site and speaks directly to the people you want to get through to. Your products will be promoted to the right people that are more likely to buy.

5 Your Pages Load Slowly

No matter how many bells and whistles your site has, if it runs slow, people will just get frustrated and leave. Everybody is busy and the nature of the internet creates boredom quickly. With so much information and offerings, people don’t have patience to deal with slow loading pages even if they really want your product. An SEO campaign includes optimizing your site to make it load quickly, giving people a great customer experience. Every page should be tested and then corrected. While this is tedious work, it’s part of what an SEO expert does.

6 Your Competitors are Doing It

Here’s the thing, if you aren’t using SEO to your advantage, your ranking is going to suffer double time. Most businesses do utilize SEO these days so while your competitors rise, you fall. If you can’t be found online and it’s how you earn your living, it just makes sense to stay competitive. Do you really want to go back to working for someone else?

7 Your Online Exposure Isn’t Great

The number one way to gain the audience or customers you’re looking for is to make yourself seen. SEO is the answer to having the exposure to your target market. People will be able to find you easily and while it may take some time to see the progress, once your site starts to rise, you’ll be able to visibly see the benefits.

One of the bigger questions that any website owner asks is how long will it take to see improvement? Yes, SEO will cost you money but you will see improvement in a fairly short amount of time. If your product or service is in demand but you just haven’t been able to reach out to the right people, SEO will start to show benefits within a few months. Breaking it down, here’s what you can expect from the process of an SEO campaign.

Month 1 of the SEO Campaign

The SEO campaign will start with research your site and looking at your product. A full audit of your site will be conducted and keywords will be created. If necessary, there will be immediate technical changes on the website.

Month 2 of the SEO Campaign

The technical SEO work starts. This could include a total website overhaul. Link profiles will be worked on and content building will commence.

Month 3 of the SEO Campaign

Content creation will be the focus and include; blogging, articles, product and company information and FAQ#s. By the end of month 3, you should begin to see some improvements in your rankings.

Month 4 of the SEO Campaign

There will be more content creation and technical optimisation of the websites. SEO experts will clean up low quality links. You can expect to start seeing an increase in ranking, traffic, and lead generation. These factors will increase every month.

Month 5 of the SEO Campaign

SEO experts will then incorporate social media management to get the content they worked on in earlier months out into the world. It’s promotion of the new and improved site that has been worked on for the past few months. Your site will begin to get organic links and increased traffic.

Month 6 of the SEO Campaign

By month 6, you should be getting around 5,000 visitors on your site per month. To grow this exponentially, content creation should continue for another six months.

How A Content Writer Boosts Sales for Online Businesses

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If you’re not using a content writer to help you stick out of from the crowd online, you’re probably behind your competition in ranking and general sales. You’ve created an online business because you believed in it. You were following your dreams. In the beginning, you were excited and certain that all the time and money you invested in your business was sure to pay off. Now, you’re at the point where you’re frustrated. Your business isn’t flourishing the way you want it to. So what will you do to change it? Here’s a secret that maybe you don’t know about a great content writer. They aren’t just writing content that readers may enjoy anymore. A content writer is also a brilliant marketer as the industry has demanded it as part of the service. Here are some reasons you should invest in a content writer to boost traffic, sales and conversions.

A Content Writer Will Speak to Your Target Market

Any well seasoned content writer is going to know the basic fundamentals of marketing. These important ingredients ensure that the readers stay on the page. They feed the readers little bit by little bit with valuable information. A content writer that really knows their stuff will be able to engage readers with titles. They understand that the title, which attracts many in your target market, is the suggestion of improving their life. The content is the answer to the problem that they face. Finding your targets main problems or frustrations allows the content writer to then feed them information to overcome the issues. Here are the steps to create compelling content to your readers.

  • A title that specifies the value of the content based on the target markets frustrations.
  • An opening paragraph that lets the reader know that you understand their frustrations. At the end of the paragraph lies the promise of the following article and how it will help.
  • Points that are not common, they’re unexpected while being equally as helpful as the usual advice.
  • A format with sub-headings and bullet points so the readers see it as an easy read.

A Content Writer Helps With Conversions

Your products or services will see higher conversions when a pro content writer uses soft selling techniques within any given article or blog. As they are writing interesting articles to assist your target market with problems and frustrations, they create trust. They will also curate content so potential customers subconsciously open up to what you have to offer. They don’t have to tell outright tell readers to purchase your product. Through subtle and convincing text, readers are left with little reason not to try your product or service.

Content Writers Bring Traffic to Your Site

A great content writer will have realized long ago that being a ghost writer is a thankless job. Yes, there is payment but when a writer is good, they want recognition. This means that article and blog writers will submit articles to high authority sites such as Forbes, Lifehack, and Thought Catalog. They build relationships with editors and are well trusted. This allows them to create articles for these sites that fit their submission rules while writing about your company. They are able to create a back link to your website which means you’re all of a sudden reaching thousands or millions of people. A crafty content writer not only gets you linked to a large site but they create allure so readers click on the link that takes them to your page of choice. This gives you access to a lot of the “right” traffic, your target market.

Content Writers Get You on the Right Sites

If you’re thinking that you want to get on the back link band wagon (everyone else is doing it), it’s time to let a content writer work their magic. They have spent years getting the reputation that allows them to write on various sites. They have honed their research skills so they can write about anything. These are important aspects to your success as they can get your message on the right sites.

Just as important as getting traffic is of course, getting relevant traffic. This is why most great content writers have access to different types of websites. A well rounded content writer, blogger or article writer will write for various websites to suit your needs. Tech sites, women’s interests, health sites, lifehacks and business.

Improves Search Engine Ranks

It also connects you to the big blogs which improve your search enging ranking. This is probably one of the most powerful ways a content writer can improve your business as a whole. Google recognizes that your site is associated because the site links back to you. While it’s a slow and progressive practice, there really is no other way to do it. Backlinking like crazy can alert Google to suspicious behavior. When done correctly however, you will be leading the pack of your industry in less than a year.

A Content Writer Will Make You an Authority in Your Industry

Again, through constant effort of creating content on your blog and getting your profile attached to articles on large sites, people will see you as someone they can trust. Your content writer can sign you up with a profile of your choice to some big sites within your industry. Your company name and picture will sit within an article that all the right people are reading. This is really where you attract a target market and as they begin to see your face and know your company, you will skyrocket your sales. People will recommend your company as the authority in your industry.

Content writers can boost your sales with their slow and constant quality work. Reinvesting money with this style of marketing will pay dividends. Higher ranking in search engines, converting traffic to sales, creating authority for your company. This is the magic a great content writer has and when you find the right person, you will see your business grow and maintain itself for the long haul.






6 Ways Being a Freelance Writer Can Turn You Into a Successful Guest Blogger

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Guest blogging can be an extremely lucrative career for those with the guts to stay with it. There are a lot of refusals, requests for revisions and that’s if you’re lucky. Usually, the first few times you try to pitch an article to a big website, you don’t even hear from anyone. It can be a devastating blow to the ego and hours of time wasted on an article you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Guest blogging is the pinnacle of achievement for many content writers when it comes to being featured in Forbes, Huffington Post or Buzzfeed. There is a lot of competition so you should probably get some practice. Here are some great steps to gaining the experience you need for becoming a successful guest blogger.

1 Sign up to a freelance site

Whether it’s Upwork, Freelancer or any of the number of freelance sites, sign yourself up. It may involve taking some tests to prove your knowledge. You need a profile with a picture of course. It doesn’t take long generally and there are plenty of articles online to help you make a great profile that attracts clients.

2 Charge next to nothing

This may seem a bit crazy to charge almost nothing for work. The point is though that these baby steps will get you making good money in time. You have to be patient and be willing to work hard for very little in order to get good ratings and reviews. If you think about it, you’re pretty lucky to be getting paid a little bit for your time while you learn. The jobs that don’t pay well are good in a way because you can learn about the process which includes,  dealing with clients, and learning to time manage so you meet deadlines. Regardless of pay, it’s important to wow your clients by delivering work that meets their expectations.

3 With some reviews and ratings, charge more

It might take 1-3 months before you have a few reviews and 5-star rating. Once you have them, you can raise your price a little more and start taking jobs that are more challenging. You may also find that clients are starting to notice you so your opportunities will be much vaster. If you are good at quickly learning new things, feel free to apply for work you don’t know how to do. This is a route I never took because if you fail, you may lose all your good standing. Work on projects that will hone your writing skills on every level as well as learning the research aspect of topics you know nothing about. Articles, product reviews, landing pages, news and website content are all great types of writing projects that will make you well-rounded.

4 Do a bit of pro bono

I got a bit tired of writing really great pieces and never getting recognized for my work. Being a ghost writer is thankless although it pays. I was always bumping into the same website when I was looking for ways to feel good and other life hacks. I applied to write for in 2014 and they accepted me. I wrote quite a few articles for them and was just excited to see my work being published. Some of my articles had thousands of shares. After that, I started to get requests for  back linking. I didn’t even know what they were talking about at the time and was mystified at how I could be paid $100 to write 600 words and add a link to my article. It paid off in big ways even though it was hard at first and you don’t get paid for articles.

5 Write articles for no reason whatsoever

When you become inspired with an original idea (which will come naturally as you begin to write daily), make an article out of it for later. You never know when it might come in handy for a specific site you have your heart set on. When you write something that you feverishly type out, knowing everything you want to say, it’s bound to turn out well. Create a collection of articles when freelancing work is slow (like in the summer).

6 Build a website

While my reason for guest blogging is for clients, your reasons may be different. The other reason anyone wants to become a guest blogger is so they can link back to their own website. With that said, you will likely want to have a website in order to reap the benefits. You can also showcase the work you’ve done on freelancer websites and it’s just good to have a presence online. Make sure to attach your blog to it for many marketing reasons I won’t go into.

If you follow these steps, it may take some time and dedication but the potential to quit your job and work in your pajamas is there. You can travel around the world, make more money than you would working for someone else and do what you love for a living. Why wouldn’t you at least try?




Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Guest Blogging

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As a business owner, you want to get your company name out there into the world. If you’ve done significant research on the best way to market your company, you have probably realized guest blogging is key. Many of the articles you’ll read will tell you to hit up the big boys. Yes, Huffington Post and Forbes will help you gain a lot of notoriety and exposure. Do you have the time to curate an article that takes 6-10 hours? If you’re a business owner, probably not.

The good news is there is another way to achieve similar success with much less stress.

There are other things to consider when it comes to what sites are best to guest blog on. You should always look to have your company represented on sites that are fairly specific to your niche. This allows you to reach the people you want to reach, the people you know want your product or service.

There is more to consider past finding niche sites, they still have to be able to significantly help you.

A site that is smaller but has an engaged audience is much more effective than a big site with an audience that aren’t emotionally engaged. 

You should concern yourself more with blogs that attract a decent amount of comments. They are more likely to buy because their comments show they’re emotionally invested in the article.

Engagement levels are more important that the size of the audience. The measure of audience engagement is in the comment numbers. These people leaving comments are willing to take action as opposed to being passive. These people are your gold ticket.

Here’s a guideline:

  • 5 – 10 comments per post is not bad at all
  • 10 – 30 is better
  • 30+ is…Eureka, you’ve struck gold

If you do happen to be looking for a content writer to do a guest blogging campaign for you, it’s still important for you to know. Many entrepreneurs and business owner seem to like to build their own lists for guest bloggers. If you are one of them, it’s good to keep in mind what you will get out of any given site.

So, you first want to ensure that the site has great audience engagement which can be measured from comments. You also want to make sure they will actually allow you to write for them. If you can’t find any mention of “write for us” or “how to pitch an article,” you may just want to Google it. Put in the website name and include “write for us” as well. It’s fairly easy to tell on the website if they have guest posting as well. Check to see if there are multiple writers contributing.

The last point is what kind of bio will they allow you to post. Some sites allow you to backlink within the article, some let you put in a bio with a link to your desired web page. Some allow a bio without a link to your site. Look at an article and see where the bio sits. The best case scenario is that they allow you to have a bio with a link to your site within the article page. Anything else is almost a waste of time.

You may not have time for all of this research as you have other things to do like run your business and have a life. A great content writer and marketing strategist will save you hours of time. They know how to curate articles to be published and even create your company bio to allure new clients your way. Working with a content writer will allow you to gain your desired exposure online without wasting a lot of time and money on the wrong sites.



If You Don’t Start Building Backlinks to Your Website, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

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Competition online is fierce so if you’ve developed a website and hope to sell online, you need to keep up. If you’re merely looking to give people information about your company, I recommend business cards. If you want to grow your business, gain a lot of exposure and increase sales online, you have to be fierce and willing to put out some money for the cause. Backlinking isn’t cheap but it is extremely valuable in the sense that it has a real function for increasing your  ranking. Search engines are using better tools that cut out untrustworthy backlinking practices. This leaves talented content writers that create valuable articles to fill the gap for businesses that want to gain exposure. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t wait another day before finding a content writer to do some pro backlinks for your business.

You Won’t Get Traffic

If you don’t have great ranking, your chances of getting traffic are pretty slim.

Say 20,000 people are reading an article and your site is backlinked to it. Even if a small percentage click on the backlink that has been placed in that article, that’s direct traffic to your site.

In the process of getting the traffic, search engines also take notice of your popularity. For a direct and immediate result though, some of that traffic may be converted into sales.

Think about it, they’ve just read an article that already has them emotionally ready to buy. Low and behold, they click and find your site, the answer to their prayers.

Your Organic Ranking Will Not Improve

Without backlinking your site to other relevant sites, you may not be getting organic rankings either.

When a content writer creates backlinks with your webpage of choice, your site gains better search engine rankings.

If your content is getting organic links from other sites, the content will rank higher in search engines naturally. A content writer also serves as giving valuable knowledge to readers. This makes the backlink more reputable which will increase interest among individuals.

You Will Not Rise, You Will Fall

If you’re not taking action while other sites are, they move up and you fall down.

How many individual backlinks you get from sites is the determining factor on how well you rank on Google and other search engines.

Backlinks, especially from authority websites, tell a search engine that you’re important and popular.

Search engines want to deliver the best, most relevant sites to any given niche so proper backlinking is key to letting them know, you’re number 1 (or at the very least, belong on page 1).

You Won’t Get Indexed Quickly

Without backlinks to help you out, Google may take some time to recognize you. If you’ve taken risks to start your new business, every day counts.

Backlinks are a great assistant for search engine bots as they allow them to crawl your site in an effective way.

This is especially essential for a new site. Getting backlinks can help your site get discovered (and indexed) faster.





How To Write An Incredible Title And Get Tons Of Traffic

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Your content should always be well written, unique and full of interesting information for readers. If you choose a lousy title or headline though, no matter how great the text is, you may not engage anyone to read it. Think of your content as the answer or promise to the title you choose. Your title is the star of the show and the content is the supporting actor. This is the mastery of a good article that will get plenty of readers.

To SEO or Not to SEO

This has been an argument between the lovers of organic content and those who feel strongly about keywords. Instead of going after popular keywords, it’s more advantageous to use niche phrases in your title. You may not get as much traffic but your competition is less and you target your audience more effectively. Part of the point is getting the right kind of readers. Whether you’re selling something or looking to have your articles shared, you want to reach “your people.” Niche phrases are specific so it actually allows you to make a great headline for the right people. You will likely write excellent content too with the inspiration of your killer headline. Keep in mind that Google’s mandate is to reflect what matter to people. This is their reasoning for using links and anchor text as a determinate of what is relevant. Work with those parameters and you’re golden.

The Power of the How-To Article

People are so busy and a quick how-to article online promises express knowledge of something you didn’t know how to do. For example, I was recently looking to fix a pair of my most favorite jeans. They had a huge rip but I refused to throw them away. I looked online to see how I could fix them and chose the easiest article I could because in my head, I wanted to learn in five minutes and have them fixed in 15 minutes. I expected a lot if you think about it but I don’t think I’m the exception. The dual benefit headline is a winner nearly every time such as “How to Save Money and Retire Rich.” I double benefitted with my title too, “How To Write An Incredible Title And Get Tons Of Traffic.”

List Posts Make Powerful Headlines a Breeze

You can use list posts, AKA – Listicles, to get your message across in a variety of ways. Here are some examples.

  • “Do You Recognize These Early Signs of High Blood Pressure?” This headline shows readers that you know all about high blood pressure. People tend to like getting some warning on potential health problems.
  • “Five Beauty Issues We’re All Familiar With.” The title in itself shows the writer understands the problem. This builds trust before the content has even been read. Once you’ve built the rapport, just determine the right solutions within the article and it’s likely to get a lot of shares.

The Three Basics

1. Compelling headlines have one thing in common and that is that they make intriguing promises that a specific target market can’t possibly resist. You have to understand your audience and take that knowledge to your title.

2. Studying headlines that have worked gives you great insight. A good go-to is direct response advertising headlines that have been proven to work. That proof is people responded to any given headline by making a purchase. Taking a look at top magazine headline writers will also give you an indication of what works. Tabloid headlines build their articles around an “eye-catching” title too.

3. It’s important to understand why a headline works as opposed to just copying the format. Make a choice based on what you want to communicate to your audience. This will help you figure out what type of headline structure to use. I will be giving out more useful information on title specifics in my next articles so watch out for them.



How to Create Landing Pages that People Want to Read

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This inspiring infographic should probably be printed out and kept in your office as a guideline for every landing page you create. The power of a landing page should be an engaging piece of work that is comparable to the quality of Shakespeare. OK, that’s dramatic but you know what I mean. It has to count, be relevant, be readable and excite.

As a content writer, I strive to keep all of these catchy little rhymes in my mind as I type out a landing page for clients. While it takes practice to start killing it with content that people can’t help but read, once you have the knack, you have the gift. Mostly, by putting yourself in the minds of others, you can achieve a brilliant landing page. There are a lot of little things to consider too which is what this great little infographic reminds you.

The ABCs of Landing Pages That Work [Infographic]

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