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How to Use the Sacral Chakra to Keep Your Love Life Sexy, Includes Chakra Video

By August 10, 2017Love and Relationships

Are you having a hard time being intimate with your partner? Maybe you’re overly sexual and it’s causing problems because the intimacy isn’t there despite the desire?

This is what the sacral chakra rules within you, among other things.

If the sacral chakra isn’t balanced, it can cause you to be munipulative while at the same time very sensitive. You may become easily depressed and just difficult to be around. Even you won’t want to be near yourself.

Being that sex is such an integral part to a healthy relationship, you’ll want to make sure that those aspects are healthy. Lack of passion for one another can cause the relationship to fall apart. We are pretty simple beings, requiring reward in order to work at things. If sex is the reward and it’s not that rewarding, things can be less stable.

One of my friends actually said once that after they had kids, they made sure to have sex regularly even though they didn’t want to. She called it, “taking one for the team.”

Maybe she just needed to sort out her sacral chakra, also known as the Swadisthan chakra in the hindu tradition. It is the second chakra out of seven chakras.

What Does the Sacral Chakra Govern?

The sacral chakra sits in the lower abdomen and sits above the root chakra. Many people may attribute the sacral chakra strictly to sexy times but it’s actually a lot more than that. As none of the chakras are a skin deep sitch, there’s more than just sensual pleasure involved here. Okay, that rocks too but you will never be sexually free if your psyche is causing problems. There may be energy blocks in your sacral chakra, your second chakra of the seven chakras. This is what’s causing the blockage which causes too much thought. It’s hard to get in the mood when your inner voice is fussing over non-sexy thoughts.

We are going to go through just what the sacral chakra is responsible for. You know, what it governs regarding your mind, body and soul. We will also go through the important aspects of how to release negative blockages in the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is at the center of your feelings and your emotions. It is a very important chakra for relationships and actually helps you to relate to others. The sacral chakra does govern sexuality and your ability to experience sexual pleasure. It also helps your creativity which can include fantasies.

The sacral chakra is motivated by pleasure of all sorts though. If you’re feeling miserable about all aspects of your life, you may have a blocked second chakra. When you open and activate the sacral chakra, you will be able to feel the world within you and around you. It can evoke some pretty beautiful emotions.

You can appreciate your partner more when you have a sense of well-being. In fact, everything that the sacral chakra stands for can help you get in the mood. You may look at your partner in a different light than you have for a long time. The size of his hands, how his butt looks in his jeans, or just the tender way he smiles at you. You have a greater sense of well-being so you’re also a lot more attractive to your partner.

Damn, Things Get Ugly When Your Sacral Chakra is Out of Sorts

Not only is your romantic relationship going to suck but so will all your other ones. You can end up causing fights and drama due to major insecurities. The more you need people, the further you’ll push them away.

If your sacral chakra is over activated, you may be unreasonably aggressive sexually. You may even be prone to cheat because you’ll have more sex drive than mental sense to you. This overstimulated sacral chakra can cause side effects such as;

  • anxiety
  • aggressiveness
  • arrogance

Physical manifestations may include;

  • urinary issues
  • lower back pain
  • gynecological problems

You may become extremely needy on other people or you may turn to substances. You’re on the prowl for easy pleasure. It’s a pretty unhealthy state and it puts your relationship at pretty high risk.

Your emotions may become so overwhelming that your partner doesn’t recognize you. You may feel totally out of touch and not centered within your body. This can cause you to overindulge in fantasies and obsess about sex and pleasure. On the other hand, you might be completely void of emotions or sexual urges.

Dance Your Way to a Healthy Sacral Chakra

Express your healthy sexuality through dancing. The sacral chakra can be healed through the power of moving those hips and getting the energy flowing. This can help to release blockages and activate the second chakra.

While You’re At It, Practice Letting Go

Something that may be holding the sacral chakra energy blockage in place is that you’re holding it there. Letting go is bullshit hard. The longer we hold onto something, the deeper it roots itself into us. Emotional baggage can especially sit heavy in this area as the sacral chakra is where we hold our emotions.

Learning to let go can be difficult. Emotional baggage, even if it’s just the size of a carry-on, can weigh you down. Consider journaling or simply talking with a close friend about all that’s bothering you. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you vocalize and let go of repressed emotions and experiences.
Awaken Your Senses

Essential oils are a great, simple way to open up blocked chakras. Try introducing pleasant scents associated with the sacral chakra to your home, office, and other personal spaces. From citrusy and floral to more subtle, earthy fragrances, adding a hint of scent can make a world of difference in helping to open, cleanse, and balance the second chakra. To help heal chakra imbalance, consider using one or more of these essential oils:

  • Patchouli
  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Bergamot
  • Sandalwood
  • Clary Sage
  • Jasmine
  • Orange
  • Rose

Yoga Poses and Meditation Exercises for the Sacral Chakra

To open and balance the second chakra, yoga can help you stimulate organs around the area. You may notice that yoga gives you a sense of wisdom and clarity. That’s because poses tap into the parts of your body that are tight. Those tight spots hold energy and as a result, your emotions.

Forward bends, standing, seated, and twisting asanas are all ways of nurturing the Swadhisthana chakra.

While in the middle of these poses, do a minute of breath of fire. Opt for deep breathing into the sacral chakra area if you’re just about to get your period or are in the middle of it.

Wide-angle Seated Forward Bend

In Sanskrit, Upavistha Konasana is a pose that stimulates abdominal organs. They are associated with the second chakra. You wring out any clogged energy from the area, allowing the sacral chakra to open up. When doing this pose, imagine an orange lotus floating counter clockwise in front of you.

This might sound a bit too spiritual for you but seriously..do you want to enjoy sex and keep your relationship flourishing? Just try it.

One-Legged King Pigeon

This pose deeply stimulates abdominal organs, making way for a healthy flow of energy to move through your sacral chakra.

Try this beginner’s meditation for the sacral chakra to improve your sex life and balance your mood.

Sit-cross legged and close your eyes.

As you breathe in, notice a white light rising up through your root chakra. Allow this light to circulate into your root chakra so you become centered. It’s important to start with a little root chakra love before moving onto any other chakra you want to heal. Helps you to keep yourself grounded and centered from whatever emotions may arise.

Once you’ve allowed the light to mingle with your first chakra, visualize the light making it’s way to your sacral chakra. The light can be a brilliant orange, a golden light, or whitish/blue. This varies from person to person.

As you inhale, visualize the light turning clockwise, cleaning out all the negative energy in that area. See an orange light getting brighter in this area as you clear the cobwebs out of your sacral chakra. Breathe out all that negative energy through your mouth. See it coming up through your body and out of your mouth.

I also like to listen to this video series on youtube to power up my chakra healing.

Intense right? This is mindfulness at it’s best and the more you practice it, the better you’ll feel.