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Root Chakra Balancing is Damage Control for Your Love Life

By July 15, 2017Love and Relationships

Why do you need to sort your root chakra out?

You know that pang in your gut when someone flirts with your partner? Or they’re out later than you’d expect them to be? You’re like an overactive gopher looking up every few seconds to see if the car is pulling up into the driveway.

These thoughts and feelings are ugly right? They make you feel ashamed. When your partner does come home, they experience your wrath. You might give them the silent treatment (if your throat chakra is unbalanced). You may scream and yell at them. Then, you really feel worthless.

Maybe you tell yourself that it’s because you care so much. It’s actually something so far attached from love, it may just blow your mind.

First, you’ll want to admit to yourself that what you’re doing is wrong. We tend to put blame on the other person because it’s painful to believe that we are the problem. You should know you’re not alone. We all feel like we fuck up occasionally, especially in our romantic relationships.

It’s fine, own it. You’re good enough, even if you had a royal melt down on your innocent partner. Maybe you’re bringing this blockage from another failed relationship. Maybe you’ve had it for a really long time. It’s time to let go now.

Move on. Do something about it. Sort your root chakra out.

This energy sits within your tailbone. The root chakra is known in Hindu tantrism as the Muladhara. It is symbolized by a lotus with four petals and the colour red.

The root chakra is where it all begins. It is the foundation and the base, being the first chakra of seven. Your root chakra sits at your tailbone and it’s how you ground yourself. If your root chakra is misaligned, all your other chakras could be floating around. This causes all sorts of havoc on your physical life.

When your root chakra is blocked and unable to see past the fog you have created, you might feel anxious. You don’t feel like you’re good enough. This is where that jealousy can come from.

Wouldn’t it be better to become someone who doesn’t waver emotionally? Wouldn’t you rather have a sense of your worth?

All it takes is a small change in perception and a little spiritual work sometimes to turn things around completely. Starting with the root chakra is an essential part to your spiritual growth on the path to being your most awesome self. The thing is, if you’re going to do any chakra work, you have to start with the root chakra. Grounding yourself down into the earth energetically will prevent you from “floating” thoughts.

Your Physical Connection to the Root Chakra

Just as a guide, it’s important to know what physical parts of you are connected to your root chakra. If you feel pain or strange discomfort in your bones, feet, legs, base of the spine, adrenal glands, or immune system, you may want to do some root chakra work. This comes in alignment with those certain behaviors that cause us trouble. Ailments in the mentioned spaces of the body is connected to your feelings. The uncertainty. The jealousy. The attachments. Those are then connected to your actions. Your physical body is telling you that healing is necessary. Listen to what it has to say. I like to incorporate kundalini yoga into my chakra practices. It’s like bootcamp for the soul, legit. You will physically hurt but you will surrender all that bullshit fear.

When your root chakra is dialed (activated, balanced, and generally stoked for life), you’ll experience;

  • A deep sense of relaxation.
  • You’ll feel more grounded which allows you to center in on conversations as opposed to saying nothing or taking charge of the conversation.
  • Those nagging fears will disappear and inner calmness will replace it.
  • You’ll experience a sense of belonging perhaps for the first time in your life. This can be really powerful in a relationship.
  • You get what you want. The material stuff in life.

You can connect to your chakras in various ways. Through the senses, you can activate and balance the root chakra so it doesn’t wreak havoc on your relationships.

Here are some ways to sort your Muladhara out;

Your Mom Wasn’t Wrong When She Said, “Eat Your Veggies”

The root chakra can be activated when you nurture your body with root veggies. Vegetables that come from the ground are the source in which the root chakra connects to. Potatoes, yams, and beet root are all killer veggies to open up that ruby red chakra. Also, due to the color association of red, eat up those summer strawberries, red apples, and tomatoes.

Smoothies to Open and Activate the Root Chakra

For a perfect root chakra juice or smoothie, get creative with your fruits and veggies. Try mixing beets, red carrots, tomato, flax seed oil, apples, strawberries, goji berries, and pomegranate.

Here’s Some Irony! Seeing Red Can Prevent You From Actually “Seeing Red”

Your root chakra resonates with the color red so you can use it to calm and ground you (in the right situation.)

Get yourself some red candles as an accent in your sacred space. I have a pashmina I use to keep me warm during shavasana that is mostly red just to calm my stressed out self out.

Kiss my Asana and Sort your Damn Root Chakra Out

Maybe it’s highly unorthodox to mention that if you’re root chakra is misaligned and closed, you’re annoying AF. It’s true.

You will be uncertain of yourself and aggressive. You may not move forward in your life but you complain about the indecencies of what’s happening to you. You might even make it difficult for your partner to be themselves so they can feel a sense of freedom while being with you.

Does that feel like your true intention for someone you love? Thought not. Here’s an asana that may set you straight.

Sukhasana is physically simple. You need only sit on the floor cross-legged with your hands resting on your knees. Your chest should be open as you bring the shoulders back and down. If there is a complex part to it, it’s what to do with your mind. Your mind can greatly help you to open and activate your root chakra. You just have to relax, do some deeper breathing into your belly and visualize.

Root Chakra Meditation

Feel yourself becoming grounded as you visualize your tailbone (root) connection to the earth. What grounds you? What makes you feel calm? Is it a presence in your life right now? Is it a beautiful childhood memory?

Imagine yourself by the sea, near a creek, or by a lake. Whatever outdoor elements relax you, think of that.

As you breathe in, let the air you breathe transform into golden light. Stay with me. Do you want to keep your relationship intact? Focus on the golden light. Breathe this light into your tailbone area. See it circling around and imagine it’s clearing fog from the red light that lives in this space.

As you breathe out, visualize the red light expanding. Every time you breathe in, allow the breath to cleanse your root chakra.

It may be beyond your spiritual scope presently but believe in the practice. It can be super helpful just to sit in cross-legged pose and acknowledge the space to start with.

If you really want a lasting relationship that is filled with honest moments, sorting out your chakras can be a total game changer. A lot of it will be common sense stuff which just illustrates how important it is to eat wisely and exercise. Getting down to the grittier parts of yourself where blockages live entails more than just the physical healing. You’ve got to look within and pull out the roots. This is why you begin with the root chakra. It’s where all the magic begins.