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How to Sort Your SH#% (Chakras) Out so You Can Feel Love and Happiness – Part 1

By June 30, 2017Love and Relationships
sort your chakras out loraine couturier

I’m not a relationship expert. In fact, most of my content about relationships has a lot to do with dealing with break ups. Not a good sign right?

You see, I’ve gone through a lot of breakups. Painful breakups. I had to rehabilitate myself more times than I like to admit. With all the information swimming out there, you would think there was a legit guide to getting over someone.

A lot of the help out there is based on how to get the guy/girl. Isn’t it just as important to know what to do when you lose the person? Manipulation tactics to get them back are gross and I can’t believe that’s even an option. Where’s the dignity?

But love can be indignant, can’t it? It puts anyone from teenage girls to grown professionals on the bathroom floor quivering in the fetal position.

I’ve found that much of my success in getting over my serious relationships consist of doing some work inside. My mom died a few years ago and it became clear that the only way to survive your heart breaking is to recognize you’re more than the skin you’re in. So part of my healing for anything from brain burnout to dealing with the loss of someone has included Chakra work. The Chakras are affected by things you do to your body and how your mind and soul are functioning also.

Chakras also influence how you deal with things in your life, how you feel, how your relationships are, and physical functions too. When you learn how to heal your Chakras, there’s opportunity for some pretty life changing events. It’s worth it and you’ll learn all about the benefits. I’m also going to let you in on all the tips to keep your Chakras jiving so you can live an exceptional life.

Chakras Can Help but You Have to Help Them Too

Whether you’re in the midst of love, looking for love, or trying to get over love, the secret for you might just lie in those little energy fields within you, the Chakras. While Chakras might be new to you, they’ve been a part of eastern religions for centuries.

You can stimulate, open, and cleanse Chakras through the food you eat, the things you tell yourself, what you smell, see, and what physical activities you take part in. They are sensitive to your decisions and feelings so it’s important to nurture them when you’re feeling down. Even if you’re suffering greatly in life, the Chakras can help lift you up and support healthy perspectives that allow you to get past things in a beautiful way.

The 7 Chakras

The Chakras come in a batch of seven and start from your root all the way up to your head. I will explain the Chakras in great detail throughout the series. Each Chakra represents a part of your character, internal body parts and external areas in your body. People will describe a healthy soul system, the Chakras, as opened, activated, and cleansed. When they’re operating at full capacity, you’ll be fully centered in all aspects of your life. It’s still no guarantee that your life is currently curated by angels. You’ll just know how to manage whatever is happening and take it like a champ.

I particularly like this write up I recently read about Chakras…

Enlightenment can be found in the body through meditation. For enlightenment to happen, you have to experience full body awareness. Why? Enlightenment is already inside of us so it’s not about getting it from ‘out there’. It’s about finding it within yourself. When you meditate on seven Chakras, you tap into all parts of yourself.

Cloudy, Shut Down Chakras May Contribute to Bad Health

Every one of the seven Chakras has an effect on certain parts of your body which affects parts of your life. When your Chakras aren’t sorted out, your body may suffer and aspects of your life may become imbalanced. To illustrate this, the heart Chakra has a physical connection to the lungs and circulatory system. It rules the relationship aspects of your life and allows you to give and get love. If the heart Chakra is closed off, you may find it challenging to maintain a healthy relationship. If the heart Chakra remains imbalanced for long periods of time, you may suffer from physical issues like difficulty breathing, or breast cancer.


Here are the 7 Chakras

Muladhara – Root Chakra

Svadhishthana – Sacral Chakra

Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra

Anahata – Heart Chakra

Vishuddha – Throat Chakra

Ajna – Third Eye Chakra

Sahasrara – Crown Chakra

Here’s a quick peak of the Chakras. Find out how they can improve your life today