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Being a Human Traveler

By June 24, 2017Travel

Thailand has taught me a lot about myself and the world throughout the years. It was the catapult to my adventurous life. I was at a cross road in my life and decided to take the path less traveled. The freedom I felt from the very moment I set foot on Thai soil was something I knew I could never forget. I realized then and there that I had an adventurous soul.

My years in South East Asia molded the writer and person that I am today. I was aware of my surroundings and what the whole idea of living the way they do meant to me. I learned to be more outgoing when meeting strangers. I learned to live life more simply and take every little experience in.

I found love, I overcame the obstacles that existed in my own mind. I fell deep for the sound of ocean waves and lazy days. I learned how to just be with absolutely no other thoughts than how nice the breeze felt against my skin.

What I see now for the new generation of adventurers is the false sense of security their mobile devices give them. Many travelers take pictures of food they aren’t courageous enough to eat. Slightly insulting when you take a picture of food someone has prepared but sneer at the thought of eating it.

Nobody socializes anymore. Bangkok was once a hub for all to meet and talk about how to deal with Visa runs, best places to eat and stay. Now, people look online for information and fixate on their tablet screens. The people I met along my travels were the most essential part to my experience. Travelers are missing out on the opportunity to leave home behind and find themselves. The art of being human seems lost. If you’re reading this while you’re hanging out with someone or missing out on life’s great experience, put your device down. I repeat, let go of the device and live.