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Nude Camping – An Unexpected Experience Driving Through Europe

By June 16, 2017Travel

This was the first significant stop on a trip across Europe.

Funny story. I saw a campsite logo on the map and decided that this would be an ideal place to camp for the night.


It wasn’t easy to find. I had to ask some locals. They pointed me into the right direction with a bit of laughter.

The signs stipulated no taking pictures or wearing a bikini. I still had no idea that I was heading into a nudist camp. Only when the owner greeted us in his birthday suit did I realize where we were.

I wasn’t sure if I could do it but with the other campers around, it felt more uncomfortable to be in clothes.

I stripped down and didn’t wear clothes for days. The thing about bearing yourself is the mask we wear to hide our true self also disappears.

The other campers were really nice, helpful and peaceful. The free body culture is about naturist ideals of a positive body image. It’s about getting closer to nature and just relaxing. It’s not creepy, weird or sexual in any way.

There’s actually a huge movement in Europe with over 45,000 members. I was surprised that it felt so good to be in the nude in nature. I never felt ashamed of my body. It was a great experience.

I stayed in “Little Paradise” for my FKK experience.