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spirituality practices greater business success, end of story

You wouldn’t think that spirituality and business would go together right? Maybe it’s just the wording. If you look around, most of the CEOs are practicing meditation every morning. Life Magazine recently published a magazine special solely based on mindfulness. It’s pretty clear that there are major benefits to practicing a little daily spirituality to positively influence your business activities. That’s why me and my sister Nicole Aracki have started working together. She’s a yoga teacher, works with many holistic disciplines and has been meditating for decades. I am an online marketing strategist and content writer. Bringing these two talents together will help you get more done for greater success with a smile on your face.

I spend most of my days helping online businesses gain more exposure online. It gets me thinking, what is success without fulfillment? This is something that Tony Robbins trains people in as well. You want to achieve certain things in life but if you don’t know what it’s really for, you are less likely to achieve them. If you’re looking to improve your google rankings, why? Do you want to be the best in the industry? Why? You want to be super wealthy, successful, and recognized?

How Spirituality Practices Create Greater Success in Business

Taking a little spiritual checking in will help you define why these surface levels things are so important. That could be the catapult for major change in your business and how you run it. When you know what your deepest reasons are, you will have an unlimited amount of power and energy that surges through you daily. This is where the magic happens. You are nicer to people you work with, you are kinder to yourself, you take time to do other things to maintain a balance in life. Here are some of the ways me and Nicole have come up with to help you manage your soul while excelling in your business.

Meditate for Clarity

I recently wrote an article for startupmindset.com that illustrates how quieting your mind will help you be more effective in business. The inner voice described in the article can cloud your mind to the point you can’t be productive. Meditation is not just for sitting in a cross-legged pose to gain your center back. Well, it is, but it’s also much more. You can close your eyes while you’re at your desk and just be mindful of what the voice is yelling at you. You might be surprised at what you hear. Meditation will teach you how to pay attention to what your inner voice is saying to you. Also, when you pay attention, it becomes much more quiet. If you don’t think this is something that will work for you, talk to Tim Ferriss. He states that out of 200 of the most successful CEOs he interviewed, 80% said they make meditation a part of your day. Close your eyes, pay attention. It’s as simple as that.

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Simple Yoga Poses for a Relaxed Body and Calm Mind

Again, yoga might not seem like something you really need to help you succeed. Here’s the thing, yoga allows you to relax the body. When you sit at a desk endlessly, your body can get pretty sore. This is especially true for your lower back. You also benefit from relaxing your taxed mind. When you have a lot on your plate, it’s not always easy to get anything done. Yoga can help alleviate anxiety from the many tasks you have to do. It helps you to stop spinning your tires so you can get the job done.

Expand Your Mind to Hone in on Your Innovation

This is another article I wrote for startupmindset. When you focus on going beyond your own limitations, the sky truly is the limit. Your ego mind has created an identity of you based on past situations. If you notice that you feel stressed or don’t want to do something, it’s likely that you ego is preventing you from going forth. Know this, you are infinite, it is only you who has decided you are finite. It takes some practice to go beyond yourself. This means doing the mindfulness practice daily. It means paying attention to what your inner voice is telling you and learning to let things flow through you. Don’t resist your experiences, learn from them. This is the first step towards becoming a true innovator. Most inventors were told that it isn’t possible to do something. If they had listened, we wouldn’t have phones, we wouldn’t be flying on planes and I wouldn’t be writing in WordPress and publishing this article. To be the great innovator, you have to first become aware of what your mind is telling you is impossible. When you hit the walls of discomfort, go beyond them. That’s where your innovation lies.

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These three simple spiritual tools will enhance your business. You will feel happier working on your success and a pleasure to work with. When you hone in on your full potential, you’ll find challenging tasks like creating landing pages, easy to do, Your imagination will be endless and effective too. If everyone was capable of doing the work and going beyond themselves, we would all be rich, famous, and successful. Knowing what you want and why you want it is the number one step. To achieve it, you need to go beyond the parts of you that state it’s impossible. Use yoga, meditation, and mindfulness daily to help you with great business success.