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Truth be told, I’ve been away from Canada for quite a few years. This summer, I decided to spend some time with my sister and her family. My niece and nephew are kids just about to hit the teen years. They have things like squishees and more importantly, they are trying to get their hands on fidget spinners. If you are the way I was a few months ago living in a cave somewhere in old school Europe, you may not know what these are.

If you google it, you will notice that they are advertising these things not just to kids but also to adults. I actually saw a hilarious Cartier fidget spinner skit on SNL over the weekend. There seems to be some truth to the joke. It is really hard to obtain a fidget spinner, a $20 item that I am sure I could buy in Bangkok for $1. Walmart sold out and are waiting for a shipment of 900 to get to the store this week. They are sold out everywhere and when I checked it out online, it seemed to be a two week waiting period before they would ship out.

So what’s the thing? You have to wonder how something so simple could be making people a lot of money right now if they managed to get in at the right time. How is it that some toys and ideas fail so badly while others thrive like this one? I have bought and sold trendy things before and sometimes, it seems to be the answer to the current question. Maybe these fidget spinners are supposed to be the answer to peoples stressful lives at the moment. Maybe yoga, meditation and awareness seemed a little too difficult for the mainstream people.

The fidget spinner is for people who can’t sit still. It’s the guy who plays with the pen in his hand at a meeting, it’s me doodling as I talk on the phone, it’s the woman on the bus who has anxiety. I don’t honestly know what to think about the fact that we need these kind of things to help us function properly. I do know that someone did an amazing job at marketing a product nobody needs by making it seem as though it would improve our lives.

Do you have ideas like this? Also…does anybody know where I can get some of these fidget spinners of my niece and nephew?