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Valuable Lessons a Writer Can Teach You About Running an Online Business

Business-minded people and writers are vastly different. People who like aspects of business usually enjoy number crunching and analyzing. Writers are 100% creativity (other than the daunting task of formatting their work). As a writer, I have learned a great deal from those who run businesses. After writing for entrepreneurial teams, I have learned how to motivate staff, how to find tools that help with productivity, and how to improve your bottom line with less staff.

When I write pieces that have a lot of creativity while combining helpful tips to improve business, people respond well to it. I think when you look at marketing, it’s pretty obvious that to be successful and noticed, you have to invoke people’s emotions. When you tap into the mind of people and associate yourself with them, you gain a lot of interest. When I wrote my article for startupmindset on how to Shut Out Your Inner Voice for Greater Productivity, it got a lot of tweets, likes and responses. I spun spirituality as a means of solving a problem everyone faces in a career they care about.

Another example of creativity within the business industry was an article I wrote based on how the poorest people can teach us a lot about business.¬†While people may have already received these tips in the business world, when it’s presented in a different way, it gets more attention. I think we all feel emotional towards those who have very little so this article reached out to many. Also, if people can continue to survive even when they have no money, they are a source of inspiration for those striving to succeed.

I think writers have the ability to bring important aspects into business that those with analytical minds might have a hard time with. Those in business might not consider their clients to be people at all. When they speak about bottom lines and sales funnels, it’s more about the money than the people. This isn’t how you really feel about the people that are willing to buy your product but when you’re accounting for things, it’s just simpler. It’s important that your clients do feel like they’re a human being to you. Writers know this so when they do work for you, they ensure that they write to the humans in your target market. They let them know they’re cared about and that you’re there to help make their lives easy.

Any good business needs the yin and the yang to be fully successful. Creative and analytic teams can bring forth the full experience for customers. Do you have someone representing the creative part of your company?