The Lack of Connection in Vancouver, B.C.

By June 14, 2016Professional Writing

Since I began writing, I’ve looked at the world through different glasses. I create stories about people while they talk to me. Maybe it’s because people don’t really give too much of themselves away. It opens the door for me to play creativity.

On a grand scale, I make up stories on why cultures do what they do. I have to find meaning on why the refugees in Germany bite the hand that feeds then by fondling females. I have to make peace by dreaming up how you could bomb a gay bar because someone doesn’t agree with who they’re loving.

I’m back in my home city of Vancouver, B.C. I imagined how good it would feel to be here but sadly, it was just another story in my head. I’m rewriting the chapter as a matter of fact. I went to a house party on the weekend and felt like I was suffocating in the pretentiousness. I put up a shield almost immediately. Thank god my life is something I’m proud of but I still felt less than I really am.

So my story for Vancouver is as follows. There are a lot of cultures here and no real connection to each except for the work life. Vancouverites don’t easily identify with each other. In the end, they shut themselves off and who could blame them? People are craving the opportunity to have a random chat with someone. To feel truly connected. If you think this is bullshit then why was the “free hugs” movement so popular?

Everyone is afraid to open up and reachout. To feel like they’re apart of something, people shop and follow hobby trends. I went to a kundalini yoga class last night which is all about energy. There was a total sense of togetherness and community. Does it take a yoga class to express who you really are?

I don’t exactly know how the story will end. Maybe the housing bubble will pop and people will lose everything. A fairly humbling experience, maybe the masses will know how it is to be vulnerable. Within the vulnerability, perhaps change can happen. I hope it doesn’t take a massive catastrophe in order for people to recognize they aren’t their Yaletown apartment or their overpriced Aritzia outfit.