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Finding The Will To Go Beyond Yourself

By April 27, 2016Professional Writing

As I look at my life, I feel pretty fortunate for all I have. I remember shaking like a leaf as I purchased my plane ticket to Thailand back in 2012. I knew I wanted to live abroad and I was no stranger to the land of smiles. I was afraid I’d fail once I’d taken the plunge and once you have the taste for adventure, you can never go back. Looking back, I see that I went beyond my fears and just tried it out.

It didn’t work out in the way I thought it would but it’s still the adventure I was seeking. I started in Thailand which took me to Bavaria. I spent a lot of time getting to know locals in Czech and Austria.

I got to spend some real time in Costa Rica and Panama too. Living in Spanish speaking countries was great. After my time in Bavaria, struggling with the language, I was surprised at how quickly I picked up Spanish. Yay me.

There were times I wanted to go home because in many ways, it’s easier. In the end though, I’m not looking for easy. Perpetual sunny days by a pool doesn’t come from staying in Canada.

I don’t want to stop this journey. I accept the challenges that make me stronger.