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Why Writing And Travel Go Hand In Hand

By April 21, 2016freelance writer

European Winter

I often wonder why traveling prompted me into writing. I think it had a lot to do with right place, right time. I also wonder if it was inevitable. When you travel, you see life in a different way to that of the person who sits in one spot and acquires earthly “stuff”.

I wonder if creativity and the need for adventure go hand in hand. What I do know is the traveler sees many things in the world. Going somewhere new brings out the child like mind. Everything is fresh and many things get you thinking.

Costa Rican Winter

Poverty you witness  makes you appreciate where you came from. Traditions from other countries make you see what is missing from your own home. Answers come easily as one navigates the globe.

Traveling also makes you vulnerable. Nobody knows who you are. This builds character. This gives more insight into who you are which makes you a better writer.

Traveling is a tool to promote thought and creativity in a million little ways. I can’t say I’d have the same insight if I stayed in one spot.

Panama Winter

That’s me to the left. Strangers became dear friends quickly