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Growing with the Industry of Freelance Writing

By April 4, 2016Professional Writing

When I first started freelance writing a couple of years ago, I noticed that I was a desired commodity. I didn’t have a university education in writing or journalism, I wasn’t an online marketing genius or a social networking whizz. I was a native English speaker charging very little as I wanted to grow my portfolio.

Clients were impressed immediately at the quality of writing they got for very little so I got really good ratings. I got better projects as I became more experienced. Interlaced with writing comes marketing so I naturally became more experienced in online marketing practices. I became savvy in writing things I knew would stick in the minds of people.

My clients were willing to teach me on a variety of marketing tactics. I got free courses that helped me create excellent content for soft sales. I learned all about SEO practices and allowing keywords to flow in articles.

I grew sick of ghostwriting. I wanted my name online and so I started writing for Lifehack. I loved writing for them anyway because sharing knowledge on how to live a great life is cool. Then, people were looking to pay me really good money to add their website link to my articles.

My career has naturally progressed in many directions. The industry is booming and I feel in many ways, I know the online content business in and out. Almost every company that is looking to grow is dependent on good content and marketing. I feel as though I can highly contribute to companies that probably wouldn’t have hired me as their receptionist a year ago. When I see available jobs like this http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/wri/5506939541.html?lang=en&cc=gb, I know I could obtain it.

I would rather maintain my standings as a freelancer of course. I still want to travel around the world. It’s amazing to know though that the work I’ve been enjoying over the years is much needed. This is my certain path in life.