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Guest Post Placement Optimization

By April 3, 2016freelance writer

I am noticing an influx of interest in clients that are looking to have me create a guest post on high traffic sites I’m associated with. Huffington Post, Forbes, Lifehack and similar sites are great tools to build a brand and get some traffic to your site.

It’s important that your guest posts be put on sites that legitimately get a lot of traffic. Also, it should be the kind of traffic that can lead to sales for you. Here are a few things you can do to determine the effectiveness a site will have on your website.

  1. Check out webpage title tags/keywords on a particular site you want to do a guest post on. Run the keywords through Google and Bing to see if the site shows up.
  2. Run the site through Alexa to see where it ranks. Alexa keeps track of how long a person stays on a site too. It the ranking on Alexa is high, people are spending time on the site which indicates they’re reading articles all the way through. This increases the chance that they will click on your link within the guest post.

Consider too whether the site has a social following. This is simple enough to do. If they have the Facebook or Twitter icons on the site, it’s clear how many followers they have. If for some reason, you can’t find the information on the site, do some investigating on Facebook or Twitter of the business name.

Keep in mind, a good guest post includes links that are of value. They shouldn’t just include your website. You want the guest post to be robust and full of interest.