The Quest for Lifehacker

By January 7, 2016Professional Writing

Right, so my mission for the new year is to get some of my articles on solid sites. I’ve had a lot of clients that have paved the way for this kind of success in my writing. I’ve gained a lot of insight and I think I’m ready to do the hard research and quality writing to get onto the big boys of blog. Everyone seems to have their reasons for getting on a big site. I have found it’s usually to add a link in order to sell something. I get it and part of my work has been to support

I don’t always agree with what I write and I sometimes wonder if all of this regurgitated information is good for society. I’m contributing in a way but if I had the choice, I’d do it better and this is my plan. This is a random article that I wrote in order to add a client’s company website link.

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