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I’ve always had a million things whirling around in my head all the time. I watch people and formulate stories about their life. When I can write down all of these thoughts, I think I perform in life much better. I’m more focused when it’s time to just listen to someone. Writing helps me relax and I think I probably even sleep more deeply. Maybe that’s why I continue to write for websites without payment. I literally can’t stop writing and I like to find things that I enjoy writing about.

I was invited to do a special project for Lifehack on advice for new moms and the challenges they face. My first installment is what to bring when you’re ready to delivery a baby. I also chose to do an article on how coconut water can enhance health which was great because now I have that knowledge.  I actually started drinking coconut water more regularly based on my findings.

I have also done some really interesting blogs for List Tribe ranging from Abandoned Buildings Around the World to my favorite writing subject meditation

I think it’s not just the writing but everything I know now from writing about so many things. I feel so blessed to have found my calling. I was the worst worker out there when I worked for the man but now that I have this passion, I work overtime seven days a week with no complaint.