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Break it, Own it, Kill it, Write it

By October 13, 2015freelance writer

Just as I suspected, I went far out of my comfort zone and what happened but total and utter success. My writing has moved forward in leaps and bounds. I’m almost thinking I need an assistant so all I have to do is focus on writing. That’s a pretty amazing thought for me.

I have been traveling around Central America for the past month and it’s been deeply motivating. I have met a lot of people living abroad and being extremely successful at it. I recently wrote a post for one of my clients on Loveme.eu about breaking through and achieving a better work count every day. I believe it comes from conditioning yourself with baby steps. This is the way to do more without getting really stressed out and overwhelmed.

The reward are beaches with white sand and turquoise waters and that for me, is a reward like none other. It’s the reason my online presence is not just about writing but also about travel. If I didn’t have the passion for travel like I do, I would have taken a job and worked for the man. For that I am certain. The life less ordinary is what propels me to work harder than I ever have in my life.