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Personal Website What?

By May 14, 2015Professional Writing


So that just happened, my friend hooked me up with my own website. It’s not really in my nature to organize these things properly. I write, that’s my thing. So I’ll do what I do best and write with my heart. As I sit here in Panama City, I am excited about my future. I left Canada and came here in expectation that this is where things would start to come together for me. I was right. Great people in my life that are highly motivating and inspiring has given me the ability to think outside of the box.

I hope that with this new site, I can put all of my works onto it so it acts as my portfolio. Add a bunch of relevant posts and links that other writers can check out for their own personal success. It’s quite simple a Loraine hub. Hub of knowledge and written work that I’m most proud of.