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How Your Content Writer Increases Sales

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Not all of you need a content writer to communicate to the online community. Some of you have the time and the capability to create great wording that makes it to the right potential customers. For those of you who focus time on marketing and business management, you may come to realize that you do not have the time to blog. Actually, even some popular bloggers have people who help them write.

Having a content writer find out who you are and create words that will entice your target market is a sound investment. If you’re creating inconsistent blogs or they’re a non inspiring read when you do them, you may be sabotaging your company. While you’ve likely heard how important it is to blog, you may not know the exact reasons why.

Blogs increase indexed and inbound links by 97% and lead to 434% more indexed pages. When you blog consistently, you get more search traffic from Google and more visitors from other sites. More exposure, better sales, ad revenue and brand loyalty. Every business online is blogging now so the competition to rank in Google is fierce so you not only need to blog but you have to do it intelligently.

Blogs are considered to be one of the most trusted sources for online info so if you’re providing relevant information, you’re considered an authority. When you create an accessible, trustworthy blog that ranks high, you’ll be way ahead of your competition.

Many companies outsource a content writer in order to compliment the in-house staff they have. Instead of putting a blog writing duty on an administrator’s lap, it’s much easier to just hire a freelance content writer. This takes the weight off the team so they can focus on their profession.

Other considerations you have to look at in order to bring in the people include;

  • Keyword rankings
  • Traffic sources
  • Click-through rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Social shares
  • Backlinks

Finding the right person to be your content writer “go to” isn’t as easy as you might think. There are a lot of non native-English speakers that Katfish you into believing they’ve been writing for the New York Times for a decade. You spend a lot of time sorting through profiles on a freelance site never finding a fair rate for good content. If you hire a cheap content writer, you’ll probably have to rewrite most of it or at the very least, fix spelling errors.

If you know what you want, it’s going to make your life easier. Maybe you’re looking for a content writer with a little extra. You may require a writer who can create a whole online marketing strategy for you including social media marketing, PR strategies and weekly SEO blogs. You should know who your audience is so your content writer can appeal to the specific crowd you want.

Ask as many questions as you can think of in order to get an idea of what the potential content writer knows and how they can help you. The online writers of today not only have the experience of creating content but thanks to the needs of clients, they can assist with many marketing strategies also.





Finding A Digital Nomad Relationship

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One of the things I considered about becoming a digital nomad was would I be single for the rest of my life? Yes, it’s easy to have flings while you’re abroad but what are the chances of a meaningful relationship blossoming? I often worried that I would miss out on finding a significant other because I hadn’t settled into one place.

The Risk and the Reward

When I set out on my journey, it didn’t take long for me to connect with a guy. We fell in love, moved to Europe and had an adventurous life thereafter. Okay, it’s not always that easy. Many of the trails and tribulations of traveling are prevalent in our relationship. You know, language and cultural differences that make it more difficult to understand one another. There are a great many benefits though, I wrote a lifehack article about it sometime ago that got a few thousand clicks, making me think that there are many who find love abroad.

Here’s My Story

I think the more you travel the world, the more likely you’ll find the absolute right person for you. It’s more a question of whether you’re willing to take the risk of seeing where it goes. I was pretty lucky because I randomly met up with my digital nomad relationship many times in Asia. Once we started seeing each other, we had three months traveling in Asia together to get a grasp on the fundamentals of being together. Many of my close friends who have become expats have all found love.

Where Can People Met Up?

In Chiangmai, Northern Thailand, there are hubs where digital nomads go to get their work done. They’re pretty popular because so many people are working from home now. Sometimes, you have to change your geography to get the work juices going. There are also tons of meet up groups so you’re bound to meet like-minded people. Is it really any easier to find love in the city center of Vancouver, Toronto or small town anywhere?

In conclusion, I think if you want a relationship, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. It ha a lot to do with how open you are and if you’re willing to take a little bit of risk. In my experience, people are more open when they’re traveling around and you can start a romance amongst all things new. It’s an adventure and a dream to explore new places together and in a way, I think it propels love in some way.

Near Theth, Albania.


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