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6 Ways Being a Freelance Writer Can Turn You Into a Successful Guest Blogger

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Guest blogging can be an extremely lucrative career for those with the guts to stay with it. There are a lot of refusals, requests for revisions and that’s if you’re lucky. Usually, the first few times you try to pitch an article to a big website, you don’t even hear from anyone. It can be a devastating blow to the ego and hours of time wasted on an article you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Guest blogging is the pinnacle of achievement for many content writers when it comes to being featured in Forbes, Huffington Post or Buzzfeed. There is a lot of competition so you should probably get some practice. Here are some great steps to gaining the experience you need for becoming a successful guest blogger.

1 Sign up to a freelance site

Whether it’s Upwork, Freelancer or any of the number of freelance sites, sign yourself up. It may involve taking some tests to prove your knowledge. You need a profile with a picture of course. It doesn’t take long generally and there are plenty of articles online to help you make a great profile that attracts clients.

2 Charge next to nothing

This may seem a bit crazy to charge almost nothing for work. The point is though that these baby steps will get you making good money in time. You have to be patient and be willing to work hard for very little in order to get good ratings and reviews. If you think about it, you’re pretty lucky to be getting paid a little bit for your time while you learn. The jobs that don’t pay well are good in a way because you can learn about the process which includes,  dealing with clients, and learning to time manage so you meet deadlines. Regardless of pay, it’s important to wow your clients by delivering work that meets their expectations.

3 With some reviews and ratings, charge more

It might take 1-3 months before you have a few reviews and 5-star rating. Once you have them, you can raise your price a little more and start taking jobs that are more challenging. You may also find that clients are starting to notice you so your opportunities will be much vaster. If you are good at quickly learning new things, feel free to apply for work you don’t know how to do. This is a route I never took because if you fail, you may lose all your good standing. Work on projects that will hone your writing skills on every level as well as learning the research aspect of topics you know nothing about. Articles, product reviews, landing pages, news and website content are all great types of writing projects that will make you well-rounded.

4 Do a bit of pro bono

I got a bit tired of writing really great pieces and never getting recognized for my work. Being a ghost writer is thankless although it pays. I was always bumping into the same website when I was looking for ways to feel good and other life hacks. I applied to write for in 2014 and they accepted me. I wrote quite a few articles for them and was just excited to see my work being published. Some of my articles had thousands of shares. After that, I started to get requests for  back linking. I didn’t even know what they were talking about at the time and was mystified at how I could be paid $100 to write 600 words and add a link to my article. It paid off in big ways even though it was hard at first and you don’t get paid for articles.

5 Write articles for no reason whatsoever

When you become inspired with an original idea (which will come naturally as you begin to write daily), make an article out of it for later. You never know when it might come in handy for a specific site you have your heart set on. When you write something that you feverishly type out, knowing everything you want to say, it’s bound to turn out well. Create a collection of articles when freelancing work is slow (like in the summer).

6 Build a website

While my reason for guest blogging is for clients, your reasons may be different. The other reason anyone wants to become a guest blogger is so they can link back to their own website. With that said, you will likely want to have a website in order to reap the benefits. You can also showcase the work you’ve done on freelancer websites and it’s just good to have a presence online. Make sure to attach your blog to it for many marketing reasons I won’t go into.

If you follow these steps, it may take some time and dedication but the potential to quit your job and work in your pajamas is there. You can travel around the world, make more money than you would working for someone else and do what you love for a living. Why wouldn’t you at least try?




Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Guest Blogging

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As a business owner, you want to get your company name out there into the world. If you’ve done significant research on the best way to market your company, you have probably realized guest blogging is key. Many of the articles you’ll read will tell you to hit up the big boys. Yes, Huffington Post and Forbes will help you gain a lot of notoriety and exposure. Do you have the time to curate an article that takes 6-10 hours? If you’re a business owner, probably not.

The good news is there is another way to achieve similar success with much less stress.

There are other things to consider when it comes to what sites are best to guest blog on. You should always look to have your company represented on sites that are fairly specific to your niche. This allows you to reach the people you want to reach, the people you know want your product or service.

There is more to consider past finding niche sites, they still have to be able to significantly help you.

A site that is smaller but has an engaged audience is much more effective than a big site with an audience that aren’t emotionally engaged. 

You should concern yourself more with blogs that attract a decent amount of comments. They are more likely to buy because their comments show they’re emotionally invested in the article.

Engagement levels are more important that the size of the audience. The measure of audience engagement is in the comment numbers. These people leaving comments are willing to take action as opposed to being passive. These people are your gold ticket.

Here’s a guideline:

  • 5 – 10 comments per post is not bad at all
  • 10 – 30 is better
  • 30+ is…Eureka, you’ve struck gold

If you do happen to be looking for a content writer to do a guest blogging campaign for you, it’s still important for you to know. Many entrepreneurs and business owner seem to like to build their own lists for guest bloggers. If you are one of them, it’s good to keep in mind what you will get out of any given site.

So, you first want to ensure that the site has great audience engagement which can be measured from comments. You also want to make sure they will actually allow you to write for them. If you can’t find any mention of “write for us” or “how to pitch an article,” you may just want to Google it. Put in the website name and include “write for us” as well. It’s fairly easy to tell on the website if they have guest posting as well. Check to see if there are multiple writers contributing.

The last point is what kind of bio will they allow you to post. Some sites allow you to backlink within the article, some let you put in a bio with a link to your desired web page. Some allow a bio without a link to your site. Look at an article and see where the bio sits. The best case scenario is that they allow you to have a bio with a link to your site within the article page. Anything else is almost a waste of time.

You may not have time for all of this research as you have other things to do like run your business and have a life. A great content writer and marketing strategist will save you hours of time. They know how to curate articles to be published and even create your company bio to allure new clients your way. Working with a content writer will allow you to gain your desired exposure online without wasting a lot of time and money on the wrong sites.



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