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7 Signs Your Website Should Invest in a SEO Campaign

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If your website is a source of income for you, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s optimized. It’s got to be easy for your clients to find you, contact you and purchase whatever you sell. SEO has a lot of different elements that can enhance your business. With over 100 billion searches going on a month, you want to make sure your site is getting maximum exposure. SEO is so effective that any given website can start ranking well and gaining traffic. Here are ten signs it’s time for you to invest in an SEO campaign.

1 You Have Broken Links

An SEO campaign will include looking through your site to optimize it and do a bit of quality assurance. One of the things that might be found are broken links. Broken links can be the cause of plummeting sales as people who may have purchased something leave the site in frustration. Most people that have been burned by a broken link will likely never return and your reputation begins to suffer. Other sites within your industry that focus on their links will easily surpass you, gaining the upper hand. SEO campaigns will fix broken links to ensure that your business thrives.

2 Content Nobody Wants to Read

If your content doesn’t offer value or evoke emotions in people, nobody is going to stay on your site for long. Google considers how long people stay on pages as part of their ranking process. The name of the game is to keep visitors on your page for as long as possible. Furthermore, you should be incorporating keywords that are relevant to your company’s business or service. Google notices it and ranks your site based on the keywords. When people type “wooden rocking horses” in the search bar and that’s what you sell, make sure the keyword is incorporated into your content.

3 Your Landing Page Isn’t Doing Its Job

A landing page has a certain purpose. It should allow Google to easily index you as well as attract visitors. You may be using too many plugins or add-ons which create a problem with Google. The search engine has a hard time indexing and measuring your company. A good SEO expert can create content that keeps visitors on your site and guide them to the next page while allowing Google to properly index you.

4 There’s No Clear Message to Your Target Audience

If you have merely written content that doesn’t really speak to your target audience, you may be losing out on business. When you can clearly define why your product or service is a benefit to their life, you have much more possibility of reaching them at an emotional level. An SEO campaign provides exposure to your site and speaks directly to the people you want to get through to. Your products will be promoted to the right people that are more likely to buy.

5 Your Pages Load Slowly

No matter how many bells and whistles your site has, if it runs slow, people will just get frustrated and leave. Everybody is busy and the nature of the internet creates boredom quickly. With so much information and offerings, people don’t have patience to deal with slow loading pages even if they really want your product. An SEO campaign includes optimizing your site to make it load quickly, giving people a great customer experience. Every page should be tested and then corrected. While this is tedious work, it’s part of what an SEO expert does.

6 Your Competitors are Doing It

Here’s the thing, if you aren’t using SEO to your advantage, your ranking is going to suffer double time. Most businesses do utilize SEO these days so while your competitors rise, you fall. If you can’t be found online and it’s how you earn your living, it just makes sense to stay competitive. Do you really want to go back to working for someone else?

7 Your Online Exposure Isn’t Great

The number one way to gain the audience or customers you’re looking for is to make yourself seen. SEO is the answer to having the exposure to your target market. People will be able to find you easily and while it may take some time to see the progress, once your site starts to rise, you’ll be able to visibly see the benefits.

One of the bigger questions that any website owner asks is how long will it take to see improvement? Yes, SEO will cost you money but you will see improvement in a fairly short amount of time. If your product or service is in demand but you just haven’t been able to reach out to the right people, SEO will start to show benefits within a few months. Breaking it down, here’s what you can expect from the process of an SEO campaign.

Month 1 of the SEO Campaign

The SEO campaign will start with research your site and looking at your product. A full audit of your site will be conducted and keywords will be created. If necessary, there will be immediate technical changes on the website.

Month 2 of the SEO Campaign

The technical SEO work starts. This could include a total website overhaul. Link profiles will be worked on and content building will commence.

Month 3 of the SEO Campaign

Content creation will be the focus and include; blogging, articles, product and company information and FAQ#s. By the end of month 3, you should begin to see some improvements in your rankings.

Month 4 of the SEO Campaign

There will be more content creation and technical optimisation of the websites. SEO experts will clean up low quality links. You can expect to start seeing an increase in ranking, traffic, and lead generation. These factors will increase every month.

Month 5 of the SEO Campaign

SEO experts will then incorporate social media management to get the content they worked on in earlier months out into the world. It’s promotion of the new and improved site that has been worked on for the past few months. Your site will begin to get organic links and increased traffic.

Month 6 of the SEO Campaign

By month 6, you should be getting around 5,000 visitors on your site per month. To grow this exponentially, content creation should continue for another six months.

How A Content Writer Boosts Sales for Online Businesses

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If you’re not using a content writer to help you stick out of from the crowd online, you’re probably behind your competition in ranking and general sales. You’ve created an online business because you believed in it. You were following your dreams. In the beginning, you were excited and certain that all the time and money you invested in your business was sure to pay off. Now, you’re at the point where you’re frustrated. Your business isn’t flourishing the way you want it to. So what will you do to change it? Here’s a secret that maybe you don’t know about a great content writer. They aren’t just writing content that readers may enjoy anymore. A content writer is also a brilliant marketer as the industry has demanded it as part of the service. Here are some reasons you should invest in a content writer to boost traffic, sales and conversions.

A Content Writer Will Speak to Your Target Market

Any well seasoned content writer is going to know the basic fundamentals of marketing. These important ingredients ensure that the readers stay on the page. They feed the readers little bit by little bit with valuable information. A content writer that really knows their stuff will be able to engage readers with titles. They understand that the title, which attracts many in your target market, is the suggestion of improving their life. The content is the answer to the problem that they face. Finding your targets main problems or frustrations allows the content writer to then feed them information to overcome the issues. Here are the steps to create compelling content to your readers.

  • A title that specifies the value of the content based on the target markets frustrations.
  • An opening paragraph that lets the reader know that you understand their frustrations. At the end of the paragraph lies the promise of the following article and how it will help.
  • Points that are not common, they’re unexpected while being equally as helpful as the usual advice.
  • A format with sub-headings and bullet points so the readers see it as an easy read.

A Content Writer Helps With Conversions

Your products or services will see higher conversions when a pro content writer uses soft selling techniques within any given article or blog. As they are writing interesting articles to assist your target market with problems and frustrations, they create trust. They will also curate content so potential customers subconsciously open up to what you have to offer. They don’t have to tell outright tell readers to purchase your product. Through subtle and convincing text, readers are left with little reason not to try your product or service.

Content Writers Bring Traffic to Your Site

A great content writer will have realized long ago that being a ghost writer is a thankless job. Yes, there is payment but when a writer is good, they want recognition. This means that article and blog writers will submit articles to high authority sites such as Forbes, Lifehack, and Thought Catalog. They build relationships with editors and are well trusted. This allows them to create articles for these sites that fit their submission rules while writing about your company. They are able to create a back link to your website which means you’re all of a sudden reaching thousands or millions of people. A crafty content writer not only gets you linked to a large site but they create allure so readers click on the link that takes them to your page of choice. This gives you access to a lot of the “right” traffic, your target market.

Content Writers Get You on the Right Sites

If you’re thinking that you want to get on the back link band wagon (everyone else is doing it), it’s time to let a content writer work their magic. They have spent years getting the reputation that allows them to write on various sites. They have honed their research skills so they can write about anything. These are important aspects to your success as they can get your message on the right sites.

Just as important as getting traffic is of course, getting relevant traffic. This is why most great content writers have access to different types of websites. A well rounded content writer, blogger or article writer will write for various websites to suit your needs. Tech sites, women’s interests, health sites, lifehacks and business.

Improves Search Engine Ranks

It also connects you to the big blogs which improve your search enging ranking. This is probably one of the most powerful ways a content writer can improve your business as a whole. Google recognizes that your site is associated because the site links back to you. While it’s a slow and progressive practice, there really is no other way to do it. Backlinking like crazy can alert Google to suspicious behavior. When done correctly however, you will be leading the pack of your industry in less than a year.

A Content Writer Will Make You an Authority in Your Industry

Again, through constant effort of creating content on your blog and getting your profile attached to articles on large sites, people will see you as someone they can trust. Your content writer can sign you up with a profile of your choice to some big sites within your industry. Your company name and picture will sit within an article that all the right people are reading. This is really where you attract a target market and as they begin to see your face and know your company, you will skyrocket your sales. People will recommend your company as the authority in your industry.

Content writers can boost your sales with their slow and constant quality work. Reinvesting money with this style of marketing will pay dividends. Higher ranking in search engines, converting traffic to sales, creating authority for your company. This is the magic a great content writer has and when you find the right person, you will see your business grow and maintain itself for the long haul.






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